Flex Protect System

Modular Protection against oil, coolants, swarf and dust.

Hennig's Flex Protect system is the perfect solution to solving splash and debris problems in large openings up to 6 meters wide by 3 meters tall. Flex Protect's modular design and combination of aluminum panels and flexible polyurethane hinges provide a reliable seal against oil, chips, and splashing coolants.

Our Flex Protect systems are manufactured in several locations around the globe including Germany, the U.S.A., Brazil, India and Japan. That means delivery, service and spare parts are readily available close to your facility for the faster possible response.




Our design features mean you get the most flexibility in meeting your application needs, the maximum range of motion, and reliable protection against oil, swarf, coolants and splash.

We designed it with an optimum ratio between the extended and compressed lengths for the maximum range of movement.

The polyurethane hinges are act as both flexible hinges and seals between the panels - the close contact between the panels and polyurethane hinges mean you get complete protection from debris and coolant.

The modular design and components give you application flexibility. Quick and easy assembly makes installation and service easier because the end panels are screwed directly on to the adjacent machine part.

  • Movable aluminum panels connected by polyurethane hinges

  • Panels are available in three widths: 46 mm (single element) 92 mm (double element) 138 mm (triple element)

  • Extension up to 6 meters per system

  • Panel height up to 3 meters



Single element:
46 mm

L min : L max  ≈  1:4



Double element: 92 mm

L min : L max  ≈  1:7.5



Triple element: 138 mm

L min : L max  ≈  1:11.5



Each lamella moves in a top and bottom guide. A flat steel guide at the bottom prevents the lamella from projecting.



Flexible Products Brochure

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  • Flex Protect Systems
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