Stabiflex Cable Conduits


STABIFLEX cable conduits are moving cable carriers which have proved successful in a wide range of applications in machine tools and machining centers. 

The main feature of this closed cable carrier is that movement can be limited to one axis due to a steel band fixed to one of the four sides inside the carrier. Movement of the conduit remains stable in all other directions.



STABIFLEX cable conduits are resistant against all coolants and lubricants normally used in the machine tool industry.

Three qualities are available (depending on the traverse speed):

Quality N
Fitted with a steel band for speeds of v 20 m/min.

Quality G
Featuring a steel band fixed with special glue for speeds of v = 20-50m/min.

Quality K
Featuring a synthetic band fixed with special glue for speeds of v = 50 m/min.
If no traverse speed is indicated, we automatically choose the N quality.

Design Considerations

  • To obtain the shortest possible length, it is recommended to have the fixed connection at the mid-point of the stroke.

  • When choosing the required type of STABIFLEX, an allowance of at least 10% per cable should be considered.

  • Made of zinc plated sheet steel.

  • To determine the bending radius (KR), multiply the outer diameter of the cables to be installed by a factor of 8 to 10. However, the minimum bending radius indicated by the cable manufacturers is the main criterion.

  • Mounting flanges are welded on both ends of the cable conduit.

  • In accordance with safety regulations, electrical continuity is maintained between the flanges and the metal conduit. The cables are loosely guided in the STABIFLEX and fastened at the moving and fixed end.

  • A tandem version (two or three metal conduits on one steel band) can be supplied to guide various cables and hoses in separate compartments.

  • To ensure long-term functioning, it is necessary to guide the STABIFLEX in support angles or in a channel the length of which should be approx. ½ stroke.



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