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The accuracy and service life of high-quality machines depends on the proper protection and effective cleaning of the machine slideways. In co-operation with leading machine manufacturers, Hennig has developed a series of way wipers which optimize the protection of slideways on your machines.



Keeping way surfaces clean is a basic part of protecting valuable machines. That’s why Hennig offers a diverse line of way wipers that have been field-tested and proven effective, even after extensive exposure to hot chips and heavy chip volumes. Hennig wipers are interchangeable and can be replaced directly on the machine without major disassembly. Multiple sizes and shapes are available, so you can profile and replace wipers in the shop or contract with Hennig engineers to provide a factory-perfect fit for optimum wiper performance.

Series AB:  Designed for metal-cutting machines with high volumes of chips and coolant.

Series SK: Molded wipers. Made of synthetic rubber vulcanized on a 2 mm steel plate for excellent wiping results.

Series eN: Used on telescopic steel covers as replacement or when space is limited. Particularly well-suited to way surfaces with small cross-sections.

Series F (mini): Compact profile with a height of only 11.5 mm, especially useful where space is limited, such as in extractors or slides.


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